Selling hardware and software is an easy job but providing after sales service is the name of the game in this industry. We ensure excellent service at your doorstep. For any hardware / software / Network / printer sales and support, you can call our service centre for online help and relevant personnel may be acquired at your site on request.


& COVID-19

Neirotech have been developing websites for over 3 years. Our team have completed web sites for small companies through to large corporations in South Africa. Neirotech takes a holistic approach to web design, producing websites that are clean, easy to navigate, cost-effective, and have a measurable purpose. We are covid ready and not just now but we will always strive to get you running from anywhere and we fully support the Covid-19 initiative to move South Africa forward in the most tough times possible according to all the relevant rules. We are registered as an essential service. Our certificate is available on request.

VOIP / SIP Phone Systems

Neirotech VoIP is a SIP Trunk service which allows you to make calls over the Internet instead of the standard telephone network. There are no line rental charges.

We don't focus on one aspect, we will always try and accommodate you with every possible area. For example 5G is becoming a big part of our everyday life, we can assist you with your Rain 5G installations and if you have service problems, but we know how badly people need Internet and we will try and help you with your Rain 5G installations and settings that will help your service run more smoothly.  We charge as follows..

If you are within 20km of our offices its R850 per installation.

If you are situated 40km + from our offices its R1150 per installation. 

As with all other queries you can log a ticket or contact us regarding installations and support on your device settings at

We are qualified to do work from your most basic IT need to advanced IT projects. We can provide fibre to your home and we quote you according to your pocket not fixed prices. We sell almost every type of IT equipment and if we cant get a certain item we will go out of our way to get you what you need. If its not stated on our site don't take that as we can't supply it.




We are currently just making sure all our customers are happy during the lockdown and to gain the trust of new customers.


Mountain View, Pretoria

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